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JD gets pied face by Kim

When JD complained “She wants to pie my face even when I didn’t loose the challenge” the crowd immediatelly asked Kim to pie him in the face. And Kim, just couldn’t refuse. Don’t miss out on one of the funniest moments at Argentina 2017 Club Media Fest and keep forever Kim and JD first on stage performance ever.

Los Polinesios sing Gracias live for the first time ever!

“We are extra happy because it’s the first time we perform Gracias live!” shouted for joy Leslie, Rafa and Karen at Club Media Fest Paraguay 2019. The magical song in which Los Polinesios thank their fandom for being there for them, can now be yours on this NFT where you will plunge in the love the three brothers felt singing it to their audience.

Calle y Poché first kiss on stage and Poché celebrates her birthday at #CMF

“There’s a special person that is celebrating her birthday today and we are all going to sing to her” Calle surprised Poché at Club Media Fest. What came next was awesome…they kissed for the first time in front of the crowd! Get this amazing Colombia 2018 Club Media Fest momento and own the NFT that makes you live the excitement of a celebration shared with their homeland fans!

Dosogas final live show

When Mati and Fede announced at Club Media Fest “This is our last show together” the energy between Dosogas and the crowd was electrifying. Now, you can have the NFT showcasing the exact moment of their final goodbye, sing Los Lobos with them and bring back the feeling of being a Sogas again as if you were at CMF Mexico 2018.

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We are Club Media, a groundbreaking studio, the most modern and dynamic of its kind, with a proven track record of youth culture hit content, which make our NFTs 100% original and complaint of copyright law.

We are the Young audiences reference since 2012, when we started developing and nurturing close relationships with international talent, either traditional celebs or digital creators, to tactically cast them in our productions and series, live entertainment, TV, movies, and show formats.

Our content production was born in the southermost country of the world and they have become young audiencies favorites in US, all across Latin America and Spain.

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